domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010


I know that by the time I am writing this post, I have only one follower, but this is just to make it public: my Voice Bank projects.
I already began all of the following (but didn't finish):
Version 3.0 (ok, someone may asking about version 2.0. It really exists, but I didn't say anything, because it is only Version 1.0 totally reconfigured and with some extra syllables)
Triphones VB
Weak Version
Strong Version
Multilingual VB: it will officially support Portuguese, Spanish (thos two with many dialects) and Japanese. But with many adaptations, it can also support English (it lacks the aspirated consonants).
A Robotic VB: I have two in project: one that is already all recorded, but needs configuration, and another that is more complex: I am taking the minor component of each letter (the period of the wave), and multiplicating it in a way that it gets my desired lenght, this second I don't know if I will finish it. Don't matter which I will take as the official robot version, it still don't have a name.

Two VB's I didn't begin are:
Triphones Weak
Triphones Strong

VB's that I think that someday I will make:
Other kinds of expression in the voice, with not defined names.

I though about making a video with demos of each voicebank, but in the stage that some are, I still can't make a song with them.

I hope that when I come back from the long period of studies, I finish all of them quickly and also, Dashi's picture (I am terrible in drawing with computer...).

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