segunda-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2010

New Projects

Okay~ I am listing my projects here, but I can't execute them for a while because my sound board is damaged. (some of the olders projects are relisted here)
-Version 3.0
-Triphonic VB
-"appends" (they won't be called append, just as version), compared to Miku's Appends:
_Strong - Solid
_Weak - sweet
_Shota - Vivid
_Breathy - Soft
_Up - Light
_Down - Dark

-Support for idioms:
_One VB polyglot, supporting oficially: Japanese, Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian, German, Chinese, Korean and Hebrew.
_One "triphonic" (same method of recording VCV, but configuration is more complex) VB for Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.
_One "triphonic" for Hebrew.
_One possibly "triphonic" for English and Japanese.
_One possibly "triphonic" for French and Japanese.
_One possibly "triphonic" for Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
_One only for Chinese, and another possibly "triphonic".
_One "triphonic" for a constructed language that I am working.

-Other voicebanks:
_Two Furryloids:
-Seine Wan, a wolf puppy. This voicebank is finished, but won't be released for a while.
-Seine Ran, an adult wolf. Still in tests.
-Seine Kiki, voiced by my sister. Needs re-recording, but the voicer won't cooperate.
_Still in thoughs: Seine Nano, a robotic VB. Don't know any good effect that may make the voice samples robotic.

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