sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2011

New microphone

Yaaaaay! I finally bought a new microphone (the old one was pissing me off)!!!!!
I'll finally be able to record my VBs with GOOD quality. I'm free of that annoying static!

Er... because of this new microphone, Dashi will receive his fourth version, the one with the highest quality XP.
Ran and Wan are going to be remade as well (by the time i'm writing this, Ran's new VB is being processed already).

VCV, and expression versions are coming as well! (expression versions limited to Dashi, only. VCV may be done for Ran and Wan).

I have a secret project (not so secret now) as well... I'll only give details close to the release. (I'm sure many people won't like this idea when I show it DX, that's why I'll keep it secret).

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