sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

Seine Wan

Well... releasing my last two VBs... Wan version 2.0, and Strong 1.0.
Due to the problem said here I had no time to finish Wan's design, so... unfortunately, his VBs doesn't have it.
I worked as fast as I could to finish them, I hope you like.
Breathing sounds were included this time.



This sample for the Strong version sounds a bit gross, but it is due to the use of mod100, and AutoTune. A clearer sample is this:

If you want to draw him, even without the official design, I have included a short physical description for him on the readme files, but here goes a copy of it:

Fur color: Chocolate-brown
Headgear: Unkown
Eye color: Green
Earphones: Unknown
Dress/Outfit: Unknown
Others: Unknow
Nationality/Race: Canadian
Species: Wolf

The color of his fur in general is lighter than Ran's (refer to:; his left ear has a clearer color than the rest of his body.

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