domingo, 26 de junho de 2011

Seine Dashi x-VCVβ

So here I am leaving a download link for Dashi's x-VCV. It's still in beta. It has an incomplete oto.ini, and needs re-recording of some samples.
If you can configure VCV by your own, you may. But if you can't, please, contact me, telling which combinations/samples you need configurated.

Please, don't redistribute this beta. And I hope you enjoy using it.
Genderbend Iri is set to g-17 in this version.

sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011

Needing oto.ini configuration?

I have decided to open free requests of oto.ini configuration, and reconfiguration. If you don't know how to configure your UTAUloid, or is having problems to use it due to bad configuration, you can ask me to configure it. It will be a great pleasure to do this fo you!
I just ask the following, to make things easier:
1: the samples must have between 1 and 2 seconds of pronunciation.
2: all the files must have about 0.5 second of silence before the pronunciation.

You can contact me:
Twitter: tady159 or seineran
Skype: tadashi.watari (please, advice me BEFORE trying to add me)
e-mail (not used for MSN):
YouTube: tady159 (not recommended)

Note: I'll take no responsability for mal-functions caused by bad pronunciation, quality, or instability in the voice.

Note2: if you /can't/ attend to those requirements, a friend of mine has offered assitance as well.