sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

Dashi's new banks!!!

I finally managed to make this project, which is already years old (I started planning it just a bit after I released Dashi 2.0). And it is finally finished! What is it? Dashi's new banks with different expressions (a.k.a. "Appends")! I recorded six different expressions, and I took the chance to upgrade Dashi's normal voice as well.

I compressed them to .rar, and .uar (UTAU Installer Archive). In the case of the .uar, you just have to double-click on it and the installation will start automatically. But if you get any error with it (report me), you can uncompress it as if it was just a .zip file. From it you'll get the voice bank's main folder, and an "install.txt" file, which can be discarded.
The banks are as follow:

Main Voice (CV 4.0)
-rar: http://bit.ly/NuI5ZL
-uar: http://bit.ly/NuI9so

-rar: http://bit.ly/NuIift
-uar: http://bit.ly/Mp1wXN

-rar: http://bit.ly/Mp1Gyh
-uar: http://bit.ly/Mp1Ju3

-rar: http://bit.ly/NuIdsk
-uar: http://bit.ly/NuIeMN

-rar: http://bit.ly/NuI2wZ
-uar: http://bit.ly/NuI48g

-rar: http://bit.ly/Mp1BuE
-uar: http://bit.ly/Mp1Be0

-rar: http://bit.ly/Mp1xuW
-uar: http://bit.ly/Mp1yih

I also took the chance to update some things on Dashi's VCV, and made the version 1.1, available here:
-rar: http://bit.ly/Mp1EGE
-uar: http://bit.ly/Mp1DCT

And with this, I also announce that ALL Dashi's previous versions (both CV AND VCV) are retired. This means that you can still use them if you have, but the download links are down (and I also ask for no reuploads).